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Framing fintech: chatting with fintech founder & investor, Aaron Frank, pt 2
Framing Fintech is a blog series where our GM of Fintech, Charley Ma, interviews leaders in the industry. In part two of Charley Ma's conversation with Aaron Frank, Aaron unpacks the key customer lifecycle events for credit cards, areas where credit card companies get it wrong, and types of fraud that credit card companies should be looking out for.
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Why your KYB is only as good as your KYC
While much of the digital KYC (or know-your-customer) process can be automated today, its business counterpart—KYB, or “know your business”—still requires significant manual work for most financial institutions (FIs). We’re here to unpack the delicate relationship between KYC and KYB. A smooth KYC process can keep your team’s KYB workload manageable at scale, even when onboarding businesses of different types and sizes.
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Alloy expands crypto capabilities
We’re excited to announce Alloy’s identity and risk offering for crypto companies. We’ve been working with our existing crypto customers to build out a robust package of best practices and features. We’ve also deepened our coverage by forming data partnerships and integrations with crypto-native providers such as Chainalysis, Fiat Republic, and Fortress, making Alloy’s Identity Decisioning Platform even more powerful for crypto companies.
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How to approve more good customers

In this eBook, we explore how using multiple data source providers in your identity verification process can not only help you mitigate fraud risks, but also bring on more good customers.


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Fintech leaders share compliance, fraud concerns heading into 2023
A lot changed in fintech over the past year. 2021 was the year of the fintech founder. We saw epic funding rounds, huge valuations, and a number of lucrative exits. A year later, the market has shifted dramatically, priorities have changed, and fintech leaders are adapting to the new normal. Alloy and Gartner Peer Insights surveyed 100 fintech leaders to find out how the macroeconomic environment is affecting them.
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