Global expansion

Verify customers across the world

Overseeing a growing, global customer base comes with increased complexity and risk. Fraud risks and compliance requirements vary across markets, making it complex to navigate the regulatory landscape. At the same time, consumers expect seamless experiences and access to financial services regardless of geographical location.

Alloy makes borderless onboarding and ongoing monitoring seamless with a global offering spanning over 40 markets, available through a single integration.

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Global identity verification

Whether you are looking to comply with local KYC and AML regulations or are targeting global growth, Alloy’s all-in-one platform enables you to stay on top of regulatory changes, evolving threats and market opportunities.

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Manage risk decisions across multiple jurisdictions

Eliminate siloed decisions with a single platform providing a centralized view of risk across your entire enterprise. Our comprehensive dashboard aggregates responses across multiple data sources, reducing fraud and compliance overhead. It offers maximum transparency and auditability to satisfy regulatory obligations no matter where you operate.

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Single API connection to 200+ data sources

Onboard and monitor customers across the globe with access to superior data coverage to meet local KYC, KYB, AML, and fraud needs. Alloy is constantly finding, testing and integrating the best and broadest data sources for a wide range of use cases so you can integrate once, iterate forever.

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Turn on new markets

Easily switch on markets as needed, no coding necessary. Alloy enables you to design customized workflows that include fraud checks, KYC/KYB verification, AML screening, and step up verification as part of an automated, borderless solution. Applicants or businesses will be intelligently routed using a country code to the appropriate verification flow with behind-the-scenes decisioning.

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Focused expertise

Alloy is a trusted advisor on identity, compliance and fraud. We harness our experience servicing 350+ clients to help you navigate local regulations. Deploy our out-of-the-box workflows to help you meet local AML and KYC regulations and reduce your exposure to fraud on day one while providing a frictionless experience for your clients.

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Future proofed for new use cases

Our flexible platform makes it easy for you to scale your risk processes as your business grows and responds to evolving fraud and business challenges. With full lifecycle monitoring, tailored recommendations, and preset attack responses, Alloy enables you to adapt to an ever-changing fraud and regulatory environment. Rapidly configure and deploy additional anti-fraud measures, new data partners, and additional geographies with maximum agility and speed.

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Scale your business with ease

Alloy’s global reach enables seamless identity verification, no matter if your customers are local or overseas. Alloy operates with local in-market coverage and solution design in 40 countries, and additional data source coverage spanning 195 markets.


Access to data sources with extensive global coverage

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Out-of-the-box workflows to facilitate compliance

Customer service

Receive support from Alloy’s team of fraud and compliance experts

Trulioo quote

"In our borderless world, the ability to offer robust data sets that span the globe has never been more imperative. As proponents of a global-first approach, we are keen on collaborating with Alloy to ensure our customers around the world can navigate the complexities of KYC, KYB and Watchlist requirements to onboard entities with ease."

Garient Evans, SVP, Identity Solutions at Trulioo

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