Embedded Finance Risk Management

Solve embedded finance compliance and fraud risk

Alloy empowers embedded finance providers — such as sponsor banks and BaaS providers — to enforce compliance and risk controls at scale across their partner portfolios on a fully auditable platform, while enabling fintechs to build on those requirements to create better customer experiences.

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Alloy works with sponsor banks, BaaS providers, and fintechs to fight fraud and stay compliant.

A holistic identity risk platform for bank/fintech partnerships

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Be in control

Build and enforce risk policies at scale with cloneable rulesets – no coding required. Eliminate potential blind spots with a single dashboard that provides a holistic view of risk across your entire partner portfolio. Aggregated analytics give you deeper insights into partner performance and enable you to efficiently meet audit and reporting requirements.

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Scale your embedded finance programs

Orchestrate custom risk policies for all of your fintech partners with access to the broadest network of data sources in-market. With over 200 data sources (and counting), our partner ecosystem provides unlimited optionality so you can future-proof your programs for changing regulations, evolving threats, and scaling growth.

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Customize and collaborate with your partners

Do away with ‘one-size-fits-all’ compliance and tailor controls based on a partner’s product type and maturity. Empower your partners by giving them visibility into their policies and performance so they can continue delivering a differentiated customer experience.

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Alexis Alexander, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer of Liberis

“Alloy’s platform will allow us to enter new markets quickly, optimise our merchants’ fully digitalised application for funding and scale to meet our partners’ demand, while also maintaining our high standards for compliance.”

Transforming your risk management for embedded finance

Sponsor banks and fintechs have different priorities when onboarding new customers — but those priorities don’t have to compete. Alloy's Chief Product Officer, Parilee Edison Wang, does a deep dive into the Alloy for Embedded Finance product and shares why it will be a game-changer for all players in the embedded finance ecosystem.

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How Alloy works

We empower embedded finance providers to operate fully compliant programs at scale while mitigating fraud.

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