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Designed for fintechs of every shape, size, and stage, Alloy is a single platform that taps into over 180 data sources to automate compliance processes, manage credit underwriting, and prevent fraud across the customer lifecycle. Built with scalability and flexibility in mind, Alloy has the solutions you need to manage identity risk, no matter your size.

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Benefits for fintechs: one platform to solve your fraud and compliance needs

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Launch: Bring products to market swiftly, efficiently, and confidently

Alloy is built for speed and scale. You've worked hard to build a great product. Alloy makes it easier for you to get that product to more customers, securely, without added friction for end users. It’s simple to create and test changes to rules, data sources, and risk thresholds, so you can launch new products with confidence.

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Onboard: Automate customer originations seamlessly

If you want to increase customer onboarding, there’s no need to increase operational costs for manual reviews. Instead, retrieve and aggregate all your chosen data into a custom Alloy-powered workflow to automate KYC, KYB, and fraud decisioning for more approvals at a faster rate.

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Scale: Automate processes that can grow with you

Manual reviews might seem like a feasible option when you're onboarding 10 people a day, but what happens when you start onboarding 100 people a day? 1,000? You need to be able to support your growth. Alloy’s automated processes not only improve those customers’ onboarding experiences, but our solution is designed to accommodate your growth.

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Adapt: Stay ahead of fraud and compliance changes

Alloy evolves with your changing needs. Why? Because the compliance and fraud solutions you use today won’t be the same ones you need in the future. With pre-built integrations to over 180 data sources (and counting), we help fintechs avoid vendor lock-in or having to make a costly tech switch as they scale. Do it right the first time.

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Save: Improve efficiencies without sacrificing customer experience

With Alloy, time & cost savings and compliance automation go hand in hand. The Alloy SDK is a codeless solution that you can integrate once and iterate endlessly. It gives teams the ability to change step-up vendors at the speed of fraud, without asking for developer resources. It also helps you save on ongoing maintenance costs, so you can continue to optimize your funnel for growth.

Build vs. buy guide for fintechs

Which path is right for your organization? This guide helps you decide whether building or buying an identity risk solution is the best approach for your fintech to fight fraud, get compliant, and stay compliant.

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David Anderson
Co-Founder and CPO at Tandym

“We knew building our platform would require us to partner with best-in-class fraud prevention, compliance, and credit decisioning capabilities. We wanted a solution that was flexible, easy to use, pre-baked with integrations, and made adding new data sources and making changes to our policy simple and seamless. Using Alloy provided us with the tools to create more complex configurations to deliver better and more tailored results.”

Alloy solutions: easy to get started, easy to maintain

New customer onboarding
  • Account opening

  • Account funding

  • Consumer and small business onboarding

  • Identity verification

  • Consumer and commercial lending

  • Credit underwriting for personal loans, credit cards, insurance, and mortgages

  • Prequalification

  • Credit line management

  • Credit remarketing

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Compliance automation
  • Initial and ongoing KYC/KYB regulations

  • AML sanctions and watchlist screening

  • BSA/AML transaction monitoring

  • Customer risk rating

  • Case management and SAR filing

Fraud monitoring
  • New account fraud

  • Synthetic fraud

  • Deposit fraud

  • Account takeover fraud

  • Customer risk rating

  • Identity verification

  • Payment interdiction

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How Ramp uses Alloy to scale onboarding processes

When fintech platform Ramp launched in 2019, they prioritized KYB and KYC checks to avoid costly mistakes and comply with their partner bank's stringent requirements. Since then, Ramp has worked with Alloy to manage their customer onboarding process and stay AML compliant while minimizing risk and fraud.

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With Alloy, Ramp has experienced:

25% reduction in application review time 

75% improvement in fraud detection efficiency 

90% of applications sent to manual review are resolved quickly

Manage compliance and fraud for your bank/fintech partnerships with ease

Alloy helps program managers exceed compliance standards set by their sponsor banks. Streamline management of your fintech partner network, and provide visibility into policies and decisioning to partners and sponsor banks.

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The value of an identity risk solution

Purchasing and implementing new technology can seem daunting and time-consuming, but our guide helps you calculate the ROI of implementing an identity risk solution like Alloy to improve both security and customer experience.

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