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Alloy’s SDK powers the future of step-up verification

Sdk announcement

Many teams deal with the challenges of integrating multiple step-up vendors into their onboarding journey. The result has been inconsistent user interfaces that negatively impact the user experience coupled with the burden of managing several vendors on the back end. Additionally, building a custom solution to manage multiple vendors means that any changes come slowly and involve a significant engineering cost. In the world of fighting fraud, slow innovation could leave a team vulnerable to attack and serious losses.

The Alloy SDK is a codeless solution for customer onboarding and multi-vendor management. It gives teams the ability to change step-up vendors at the speed of fraud. You no longer need to rely on complicated integrations that require engineers to deploy and maintain. Instead, with the SDK, you can integrate once and iterate endlessly, without asking for engineering resources.

You can add or change step-up vendors by simply selecting their names from the drop-down in the Alloy dashboard, which makes testing and iterating simple. As fraud schemes get more complex, the SDK allows your team to respond quickly. Likewise, as vendors bring better solutions to the market, your team can upgrade to the most cutting-edge solutions with ease. For example, we now offer a plugin for Prove that supports phone-centric identity verification and application prefill during customer onboarding.

The impact of the SDK isn't limited to the dev team. It also impacts end users. With the SDK, all vendor plugins can have an identical and unified user interface. Typically, using multiple vendors negatively affects end-user experience due to creating a disjointed UI. In addition, any attempt to streamline UI has added a layer of complexity and management for a team. Using Alloy's SDK means end users will experience a clean and consistent user experience across all vendors in their onboarding journey. Teams can still customize their UI with brand-specific color schemes and language at their discretion. Or if you prefer, you can use your chosen vendor’s UI which can be rendered through Alloy’s SDK.

The Alloy SDK introduces efficiency for your team today, flexibility for tomorrow, and a better experience for end users. If you would like to learn more about the Alloy SDK, watch our webinar "How to use the Alloy SDK to Optimize Customer Onboarding".

Learn more about Alloy's SDK in our webinar

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