Credit Underwriting

Raising customer limits without raising your risk

Start making smarter credit decisions through the combined power of the Alloy platform. Use more of what you know about your customer from the onboarding process to enable faster and more precise credit decisions.

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Smart lending decisions don’t have to be hard

Alloy allows you to transform your credit policies into clean and configurable workflows that can be set up and optimized without coding. You’ll get a clear view of your customer allowing you to determine the right credit offering, while reducing risk for your business.

“We wanted a solution that was flexible, easy to use, pre-baked with integrations, and made adding new data sources and making changes to our policy simple and seamless. Using Alloy’s Identity Decisioning Platform provided us with the tools to create more complex configurations to deliver better and more tailored results.”

-David Anderson
CPO and Co-founder of Tandym


Get started with easy configuration and pre-built integrations with credit bureau data and over 180+ data sources for fraud and KYC

Ui approve approve

Accept more applicants by using alternative underwriting data as well as credit bureau data

User profile

Get the full picture of your customer with KYC and credit application information in one platform

Test settings

Quickly iterate and test different models easily with version controlling and live A/B testing

The best credit decisions start at onboarding

Alloy is best-in-class at KYC and fraud detection with 180+ data sources to verify identities and prevent fraud. Now add on powerful credit decisioning and you’ve improved your credit application process exponentially - both for your operations and for your customers’ experience.

Add credit decisioning

See customers for more than their credit score

Credit data v2}}

Power smart credit decisions with the exact data you need

Integrations with the credit bureaus are a given - and these are built and ready for you. In addition, we support alternative underwriting data like cash flow attributes that allow you to expand your funnel and convert more customers.

Transform complex policies}}

Transform your most complex credit policies

With Alloy, you can configure easy-to-use workflows based on your credit policies. Decisions can be made using your imported custom models or you can build anything from basic workflows to complex matrix models right within Alloy.

Manage multistep processes}}

Manage multi-step processes with a single end point

Link multiple workflows based on their outcomes and set up application states. This means no friction between onboarding a client and making a credit decision.

Application review new}}

Easy application review lets you approve customers quickly

Visualize and review an entire credit application for each customer. Whether the applicant is new to your business or an existing client applying for a new product, you can easily see their status and context around decisions.

Rapidly test}}

Test and iterate for optimal performance

A/B test your workflows to strike the right balance between preventing risk without eliminating valuable customers. Our What-If analysis feature also allows you to backtest and see the impact of workflow changes before you commit to them.

Credit data v2 Transform complex policies Manage multistep processes Application review new Rapidly test
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What our clients say about us

Alloy's underwriting and onboarding platform allowed us to go to market quickly with our fleet card product. We were able to translate our complex underwriting and onboarding policies into workflows within Alloy's platform, and since we can reconfigure and optimize the workflows without writing any code, my engineering team is freed up to work on other core features. By combining our onboarding and underwriting process into one seamless journey, we're able to offer a streamlined application experience for our customers while making sure we're meeting all of our risk and regulatory requirements.

Phil Brosgol, Director of Product Management at Coast

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Customer service

Get going quickly

Alloy gets you up and running quickly with dedicated solutions architects who help you translate your policy into easy-to-use workflows.

Clip board checks

Easily meet compliance needs

All actions and decisions are tracked to keep you compliant.

Ui versions locked

Versioning keeps you in control

Only roles with the right permissions can make changes to your workflows, and all your workflow changes are tracked and can be reviewed or restored.

Multiple apps

A clear view of each of your products

If you have multiple products, create distinct applications for each one.

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