Turn compliance risk management into your competitive advantage

Regulatory compliance comes with an expensive price tag if you get it wrong, but Alloy turns compliance risks into opportunities. We future-proof your digital identity verification workflow, so you can manage your end-to-end compliance program in a single dashboard, without having to rely on your engineering team.

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Integrate compliance throughout the customer lifecycle

With Alloy, you can keep pace with regulation and strike the right balance between risk and growth to reduce customer friction.

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Perpetual KYC

Beginning at onboarding, comply with cross-border Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations while maintaining a seamless customer experience. Alloy’s singular, configurable platform gives you the clearest look at customer risk profiles, automates more identity verification and document verification decisions, and reduces the need for manual oversight.

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Streamlined KYB

Alloy helps you comply with challenging Know Your Business (KYB) regulations to onboard business customers quickly while mitigating risks. Through a single API call, you can simultaneously verify both the business entity and the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs). This occurs in tandem with KYC, AML, and fraud checks to accommodate more complex workflows and expand your services to a wider variety of customer segments.

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AML monitoring

Alloy’s out-of-the-box rules are based on industry best practices, so you start off compliant on Day One and never waiver from that benchmark. You can also build custom rules and workflows to monitor customers’ ongoing activity and flag potentially suspicious behavior. We provide an activity history for all actions your customers take, so you can easily meet global anti-money laundering (AML) requirements and local requirements, such as the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA).

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AML case management

Alloy’s flexible case management system lets you investigate suspicious activity, collaborate with team members, and complete regulatory filings — all from a single, intuitive dashboard. With flexible queues, automatic assignment capabilities, and customizable filters, you can effectively handle and resolve alerts, investigations, and suspicious activity reports (SARs) as cases are quickly triaged to the appropriate AML, fraud, or risk function for review.

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SAR filing requirements

The integrated reporting capabilities within Alloy’s case management system also enable your teams to aggregate suspicious activity data and directly eFile all SARs with FinCEN. Instead of spending valuable resources on SAR filing, Alloy relieves the burden of time-intensive manual processes so you can meet your filing obligations with ease.

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Sanctions screening

Knowing who you do business with is more important than ever, but it can be exhausting to keep up with daily changes. Alloy’s flexible, configurable workflows allow you to set up recurring, automated checks against the most up-to-date watchlists. You can stay on top of risky customers and ensure that non-sanctioned customers aren’t inadvertently using your products or services to transact with these parties.

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Alloy helps Ramp with KYB and KYC checks

When Ramp launched in 2019, they prioritized KYB and KYC checks to avoid costly mistakes and comply with their partner bank's requirements. Alloy’s flexibility enables Ramp to create workflows that map to the necessary list of requirements for auditing purposes, test different data sources, and identify mismatched criteria in minutes to take fast, appropriate actions.

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I can trust Alloy to do a job that I can absolutely not make a mistake on. They do all the heavy lifting, which frees up my time to focus on other business challenges. Through better risk processes, we’ve been able to take on more customers and figure out ways to give our existing customers better service.

Jacob Wallenberg, Risk Operations at Ramp

Alloy uses data orchestration to help banks and fintechs make better identity risk decisions.

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