Approve more customers with an experience they’ll approve of

Bring your customers from across the globe onboard with all the checks and none of the waiting around at checkpoints. Alloy Onboarding lets you combine 200+ data sources with global coverage into a single workstream and make automated decisions with precision. Lovers of manual reviews, you might want to look away.

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A good decision that results in millions (and millions) more

Stop making so many manual decisions and let Alloy automate your onboarding process. From KYC checks to fraud prevention - we got you covered.

Check interface

Better digital experience with more automatic approvals


Save engineering resources with our simple API

Secure data

Prevent more types of fraud by leveraging more data

An average of 33,236 applicants auto-decisioned daily with Alloy

The complexity you need, without the complications you don’t

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All your data right here, right now

It’s much simpler to verify customers quickly when you have the best data for the job. Running multiple data sources simultaneously means you can verify information if it hits any service in the workflow - reducing needless document requests.

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Workflows that work for you

Create a workflow to verify customers and businesses that incorporates all your chosen data sources in any order or configuration, no coding required. Set parameters and rules to your exact specifications and tweak them at any time.

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Total perspective, single dashboard

The Alloy dash aggregates responses so you can see trends in your data and optimize your workflow to support your business goals. Get one centralized view of case management, alerts, decision audit trails and reporting.

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A much (much) shorter review queue

Made to make manual reviews easier, you can clearly see why a user was flagged and approve or deny right within Alloy. Simple.

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Step-up authentication to fight fraud

Alloy’s codeless SDK lets you easily implement step-up authentication with your preferred vendors. Test, iterate and easily add vendor plugins for document verification and other step-up practices.

Onboarding data sources Onboarding workflow Onboarding dashboard Onboarding review queue Step up

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Seamless business verification

Alloy’s decision engine powers instant business verification (KYB), in parallel with KYC, AML and fraud checks on Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and stakeholders. We also verify business application data from sole proprietors, in addition to LLC and C corporations.


Simple API and user interface

Design the workflow you need without any coding required. Alloy’s API platform lets you add new data sources and make changes to your workflow all from our simple user interface - letting your engineering teams focus on more valuable work.


Industry expertise every step of the way

We harness our experience with clients to help you determine the best workflows and rules to fit your needs.

Test settings

Confidently launch and continuously optimize risk policies

Choose from A/B testing, backtesting, and shadow testing to safely experiment with new policies before pushing them to production. Powerful analytics and visualizations help you quickly identify patterns and bottlenecks to fine-tune your decisioning logic continuously.

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