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With nearly a decade of experience, Alloy supports more than 400 financial institutions on their journey to transform and automate omnichannel fraud management and compliance processes. Alloy helps banks like yours adapt their digital strategies for continued growth across product portfolios and throughout the entire customer lifecycle — from account opening to lending and ongoing monitoring.

Connect to over 180 global data sources (and counting) with Alloy to build a 360-degree view of each customer’s risk profile.

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Benefits for banks

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Faster go-to-market timelines

Alloy is a set of identity risk solutions that can be tailored to a broad range of use cases and integrated with your existing systems to help you transform your digital customer experience. Get started quickly with our out-of-the-box rules, then easily customize when necessary. Alloy’s agile platform makes it easy for you to make and test changes to rules, data sources, and risk levels, so you can rapidly launch new products, capture new customer segments, and scale with confidence — no risk added.

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Automated fraud and compliance processes

Boost efficiency and retain more customers by automating your identity decisions. Our smart workflows lead to more automatic approvals and fewer manual reviews, freeing up valuable bank resources to improve efficiency and help you focus on market changes, customer needs, and new technology trends.

Optimized growth

Onboard more customers or optimize for fraud risk? With Alloy, you don’t have to pick. Automatically add step-up verification for riskier applicants to keep your funnel open to new users, even when fraud risks are high. With Alloy’s powerful analytics and data visualizations, you can see patterns and draw insights in real time to better optimize the performance of your policies.

Best-in-class data partners

We offer the most extensive ecosystem of data partners to manage identity, fraud, credit, and compliance risk. Our single API solution provides faster access to a multitude of KYC, KYB, AML, fraud, and credit data sources. Back-test and test new sources, iterate, and swiftly deploy solutions to meet the needs of a changing landscape, without the burden of technical debt or vendor lock-in.

Our partners

And hundreds more. Visit our Partner Center to see our complete list of partners.

Your guide to building vs. buying an Identity Risk Solution

When it comes to figuring out the best way to fight fraud, meet compliance requirements, determine credit risk, and automate KYC/KYB processes, banks can choose to build solutions in-house or purchase an Indentity Risk Solution. Leveraging a third-party Identity Risk Solution can help banks stay focused on onboarding new customers and speed up the go-to-market timeline of new credit offerings.

Learn more about the benefits of each approach and help determine the right approach for your organization.

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Rob Woellhaf
Vice President, Fraud Management of Mountain America Credit Union

“Fraud is easy to stop. Just don’t accept applications. Alloy’s not like that. Alloy helps you stop fraud while allowing for legitimate applications to get through.”

Alloy solutions

New customer onboarding
  • Account opening

  • Deposit acquisition

  • Consumer and small business onboarding

  • Identity verification

  • Consumer and commercial lending

  • Credit underwriting for personal loans, credit cards, insurance, and mortgages

  • Prequalification

  • Credit line management

  • Credit remarketing

Fraud monitoring
  • New account fraud

  • Synthetic fraud

  • Deposit fraud

  • Identity verification

  • Payment interdiction

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Compliance automation
  • Initial and ongoing KYC/KYB regulations

  • AML sanctions and watchlist screening

  • BSA/AML transaction monitoring

  • Customer risk rating

  • Case management and SAR filing

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How HMBradley uses Alloy to improve the customer experience

Digital banking platform HMBradley partnered with Alloy to automate 65% of new customer approvals, build better KYC practices, and decrease errors during the onboarding process.

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With Alloy, HMBradley has seen the following results:

Customer approval rates increased to more than 80%

Manual reviews were reduced to less than 20%

Conducted evaluations grew 2x

Control compliance and fraud policies for all of your fintech partnerships in one place

Sponsor banks leverage Alloy to scale their embedded finance services responsibly. Enforce compliance policies across fintech partners from a single dashboard, while maintaining oversight into each partner’s decisioning and policy changes.

Learn more about our embedded finance capabilities

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How to build your bank’s tech stack

Find out how fintech solutions can help strengthen your tech stack, accelerate your digital transformation, drive growth, and increase your competitive advantage.

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Alloy uses data orchestration to help banks and fintechs make better identity risk decisions.

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