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LexisNexis® Risk Solutions harnesses the power of data and advanced analytics to provide insights that help businesses and governmental entities reduce risk and improve decisions to benefit people around the globe. We provide data and technology solutions for a wide range of industries. For more information, please visit www.risk.lexisnexis.com and www.relx.com.

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LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® has delivered remarkable developments, coinciding with paysafecard deciding to intensify the invested resources into the evolution of a rules engine. As a result, we have significantly reduced fraud.

Hany Razi, Head of Global Financial Crime Intelligence & Analytics, Paysafe Group



LexisNexis® Emailage®

LexisNexis® Emailage® is a powerful fraud risk scoring solution fueled by email intelligence.

Security begins with verifying a consumer’s identity and assessing risk at multiple customer touchpoints like account opening, account maintenance and online transactions. Emailage® is a proven fraud prevention solution that uses email intelligence as a core risk identifier. It assesses risks by evaluating email address metadata points such as domain details, email details, risk indicators and, when available, other personally identifiable information (PII).


LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix®

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® is an enterprise solution for digital identity intelligence and digital authentication that is trusted by over 5,000 leading global brands to inform daily transaction decisions. By combining digital identity insights built from billions of transactions with leading analytic technology and embedded machine learning, our fraud prevention solutions unify decision analytics across the entire customer journey to help:

  • Accelerate conversions and maximize revenue
  • Improve transaction security and personalization
  • Detect and prevent fraud
Consumer Identity Records

LexisNexis® InstantID®

LexisNexis® InstantID® is a configurable identity verification solution that allows you to verify consumer information to drive smarter decisions and keep customer acquisition in focus. LexisNexis® InstantID® provides robust identity coverage that helps increase verification rates and support informed decisions to help your business:

  • Accelerate customer acquisition
  • Strengthen Customer Identification Program (CIP) compliance
  • Mitigate risk exposure
  • Minimize exceptions and discrepancies
  • Reduce operating costs
Business Identity Data

LexisNexis® InstantID® Business

InstantID® Business gives you the competitive advantage of business verification by combining the reach of more than 10,000 data sources with the intelligence of industry leading linking capabilities.

  • Access 25% more U.S. businesses, including hard-to-access small and new businesses
  • Increase auto-verifications by 20%
  • Improve the connection between a business and a person by 30%

InstantID® Business quickly verifies the identity of a business applicant by leveraging unmatched business content, entity linking and advanced analytics. Auto-verify more businesses without friction.

Knowledge-Based Authentication

LexisNexis® InstantID® Q&A

Authenticate consumer identities in real-time. LexisNexis® InstantID® Q&A confirms a consumer's identity in seconds and gives your organization an easy, real-time way to fight identity fraud at multiple points of consumer contact. Simplify knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and help your business:

  • Confirm identities on the spot in real time
  • Expand consumer touch points while mitigating fraud
  • Accelerate consumer onboarding
  • Improve the consumer experience
  • Reduce the operational costs of authentication and improve margins
  • Strengthen authentication
Watchlist Screening

LexisNexis® WorldCompliance® Data

WorldCompliance® Data is ideal for organizations needing to batch screen large customer and third-party databases quickly and efficiently. Tailor the database to your needs by including information relevant to your own unique risk-based approach, selecting from more than 60 risk categories and subcategories to proactively help your business:

  • Increase transaction screening efficiency
  • Reduce false positives
  • Mitigate costly risk
Identity Document Verification

LexisNexis® Instant Verify International

Instant Verify International enables you to onboard and transact with clients from 30 countries/regions. The Pass/Fail result is quickly returned, enabling you to make well informed decisions relating to vital business processes. Our data leverages high quality national and regional sources including: Citizen or National Database information, Credit Header File Information, Electoral Rolls, Property Records, Utility Data and Marketing Sources.

  • Facilitate account openings with reduced friction
  • Minimize exceptions and discrepancies
  • Ensure more accurate delivery of goods and correspondence
  • Streamline online transactions to improve the customer experience
  • Augment fraud prevention efforts
Watchlist Screening

LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG

LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG is a fully integrated compliance platform enabling organizations to consolidate compliance processes, standardize controls and bring enterprise-wide operational consistency.

  • Accelerate account openings
  • Simplify SWIFT, International ACH and FedWire Payment Screening
  • Support the resolution of critical BSA/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Identification Program (CIP) and KYC compliance requirements
  • Mitigate risk exposure with enhanced due diligence data
  • Reduce the costs of manual reviews due to false positives
  • Fight financial crime
Phone Data

LexisNexis® PhoneFinder

LexisNexis® PhoneFinder delivers phone and identity insight in an easy-to-interpret results set. Search by phone number or identity to get ranked results with deeper data insights like phone type, status, CallerID and portability. Phone Finder leverages proven analytics and proprietary scoring technology to determine the best subjects for an input phone or the best phones for an input subject. Phone Finder supports stronger compliance and fraud workflow strategies and key account activities:

  • Speed new account originations investigations
  • Simplify customer service activities and fraud reviews
  • Strengthen fraud detection efforts
  • Reduce account takeover fraud
  • Streamline recovery investigations

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