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Global banks and fintechs turn to Alloy to take control of fraud, so they can grow and scale with the clearest picture of their customers. Alloy’s real-time fraud solutions, expert guidance, and extensive ecosystem of data partners help you deliver great financial products and a great customer experience.

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Fraud risk management throughout the customer lifecycle

You don’t only want to stop fraud. You want to actively prevent it, without adding friction for your customers.

Be proactive and stay ahead of fraud

Alloy offers the broadest coverage of third-party data in the industry, with more than 190 data sources for coverage spanning 195 markets. A one-time integration with our codeless SDK lets you easily implement new risk controls and step-up verifications with your preferred vendors — no engineering resources required. Our comprehensive Testing Suite also allows you to see projected outcomes and then optimize and iterate on risk strategies before going live.

With Alloy, you get more visibility into fraud and more flexibility to adapt to new threats, while you continue to prioritize good customer experience.

Test and view projected outcomes with Alloy’s Testing Suite

Testing suite

Streamline identity verification and decrease manual reviews

Alloy’s automated identity orchestration layer helps determine each customer’s risk level during onboarding, so you can keep the top of your funnel open without exposing yourself to more fraud threats. Not only will you decrease instances of the most common fraud types — like first-party fraud, second-party fraud, and third-party fraud — you’ll also decrease unnecessary manual reviews that can create unnecessary steps and hurdles for new customers.

Understand the common types of financial fraud

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Combine insights from onboarding with ongoing account activity for better risk assessment

Alloy surfaces and aggregates insights across onboarding, ongoing account activity, and transactional data to compile an evolving view of your customers’ risks. As a result, you can identify and act on high-risk activities while they are occurring. First, flag any new, unusual activity at a much faster rate. (This includes threats like new account fraud, account takeover fraud, and increasingly sophisticated synthetic identity fraud.) Then, use Alloy’s automated interdiction capabilities — which allow you to hold or reject payments, freeze accounts, or block logins in real-time — to contain threats.

How to take action against synthetic identity fraud

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Guide: How to scale your fraud prevention

How do you balance fraud risk management so that your products and services are easy for legitimate customers to use, but your fraud checks aren’t too lenient? The key is using multiple, complementary data sources. Then, you can add step-up verifications to your workflow on an as-needed basis and utilize more progressive onboarding processes.

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Dedicated guidance from fraud experts

With hundreds of clients and millions of identity decisions approved daily, Alloy has the necessary expertise to help you outpace fraud and grow with confidence.

Our comprehensive guides and documentation are designed so that you can integrate with Alloy’s best-in-class protection quickly and seamlessly. We’ll show you how to structure your workflow, so you start off fighting fraud from Day One and never stop.

See how Alloy's team helped one client beat a fraud attack

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Mountain America Credit Union reduced their fraud by 29%

When Mountain America Credit Union realized their fraud management system automatically approved too many individuals — including fraudulent applicants — Alloy helped create a self-service application process designed to identify suspicious activity and reduce instances of fraud at origination.

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"Fraud doesn’t go away, it just moves. Alloy gives us the time to shift our attention to where fraud is going."

Ryan Barnes - AVP, Fraud Analytics at Mountain America

Alloy uses data orchestration to help banks and fintechs make better identity risk decisions.

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