Stop fraud before it stops you

Fraudsters are well-funded, tech savvy, nimble and growth-oriented. Alloy gives you the tools and expertise to outmaneuver, outsmart and outpace them. Don’t just stop fraud, prevent it.

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Coral fraud vacuum

Full circle, full cycle fraud protection

Be protected from fraud starting day one and throughout the relationship with your customer, without added friction and restrictions.

Fraud at origination

We help keep your top of funnel open without being exposed to more risk. Origination workflows stop fraud attacks, as well as ambient fraud, and verify that each applicant is who they say they are.

Protect against:

First-party fraud - where an individual makes a promise of future repayment in exchange for goods or services without the intent to repay

Third-party fraud - where a malicious actor uses another individual’s identifying information to open new accounts without the individual’s knowledge

Synthetic fraud - where an individual creates a phony identity, either by making it up or by obtaining someone’s personal information and combining it with fake information

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Onboarding workflow

Ongoing monitoring

Not all fraud happens at the front door. Keep monitoring accounts and transactions for unusual activity like unauthorized payments and ACH transfers, changes in account ownership or control, and signs of financial crime.

Protect against:

First-party fraud - where an individual makes a promise of future repayment in exchange for goods or services without the intent to repay

Second-party fraud - where an individual is deceived or coerced into allowing another person to use their financial account to carry out transactions or money transfers

Account takeover fraud - where an individual obtains another person’s personal information and uses it to hijack their financial accounts

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Transaction monitoring case management

Easy to get started, easier to scale

Future proof your fraud infrastructure without engineering resources.

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Quickly adjust workflows and turn services on and off for faster fraud attack responses


Add in or change data sources as your needs change, without needing to build new integrations

Test settings

Easily test changes to your workflows for best results and use What-if Analysis to see how changes would impact your evaluations

Mountain america credit union logo black

Mountain America Credit Union reduced their fraud by 29%

Alloy Onboarding helped Mountain America Credit Union create a self-service application process designed to identify and reduce fraudulent applications

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Fraud is easy to stop. Just don’t accept applications. Alloy’s not like that. Alloy helps you stop fraud while allowing for legitimate applications to get through.

Rob Woellhaf - Vice President, Fraud Management at Mountain America

Benefit from expert insights and trends

With hundreds of clients and millions of decisions approved daily, Alloy has developed the expertise to help you fight fraud from day one.

Our best practices are designed to get you up and running quickly with best-in-class protection and show you how to structure your workflow to prevent fraud.

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See how Alloy works

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How you can stop fraud at the flip of a switch

By KJ McAlpin on Jun 17, 2022

You don’t want to get caught in a fraud attack and then have to scramble to figure out how to respond, build new workflows and integrate with new data providers. We share some tips on how you can stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

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Fraud Q&A Series: Tackling SIM Swap Fraud with Prove

By Aisana Nurusheva on Jul 12, 2022

The latest guest in our fraud Q&A series exploring fraud trends in the financial services space is Mary Ann Miller, the Fraud & Cybercrime Executive Advisor and VP of Client Experience at Prove. We talk to Mary about what FIs can do to prevent SIM swapping.

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Fraud Q&A Series: Detect and prevent account takeover fraud attacks

By Aisana Nurusheva on May 16, 2022

Introducing a new blog series that highlights the most pressing fraud trends affecting financial institutions today. For the first installment, we talked with Mike Cook from Socure about account takeover fraud.

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