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Real impact in real-time

Stop making manual decisions and start automating your workflows with Alloy. Our global identity decisioning platform connects you to the data you need to automate identity and risk decisions from onboarding and beyond; meaning better conversions, less fraud and less manual reviews. It’s speedy, secure and transformative.

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The Alloy advantage


All your data in one place

Integrating internal and external data sources through one platform means higher automatic approval rates and a decrease in fraudulent accounts, false positives, manual reviews and unnecessary document requests.


Unique identity profiles

Get an evolving view of each customer, not just a point-in-time snapshot, with profiles that adapt and update as their information changes and more data is collected.


Future proofing

Alloy provides a single dashboard that aggregates responses across data sources - making it easy to understand trends in your data and just as easy to tweak them for even better results.


Customize without coding

Our simple API and user interface lets you design the exact workflow you need without coding. Add new data sources and make changes to your workflow whenever you need - without bothering your engineering team.

Better data for a better perspective

Alloy’s API easily connects to external data sources and your own internal data to build a full customer profile. The information captured during onboarding when viewed with ongoing transaction and account activity, provides an evolving view of your customers’ risks and needs. You can use these insights to stop fraud, protecting you and your customers.

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Onboarding that glides

The data you need to automate identity and risk decisions and meet KYC/ KYB and AML requirements in any market.

Customize how you verify customers and businesses quickly and accurately with less manual reviews and fraud.

All in a single API and interface, no dev-work required on your side.

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Ongoing Monitoring that fights fraud

Automate decisions on high-risk activity.

Free your team from false positives with customized rules that only flag the activity that poses real risk.

Transform your most complex transaction and activity data into clean, automated processes.

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Credit Underwriting that simplifies the complex

Transform your policies into easy-to-use workflows.

Access pre-built integrations with credit bureau data and other credit data, and over 180+ data sources with global coverage for your fraud and KYC needs.

Test different models easily with A/B testing and version control.

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Manage multistep processes

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A knowledge bank for actual banks. And fintech companies.

Digital transformation is an API away
Credit Unions
Approve more members with a solution made to fit right in
Meet compliance requirements from day one
Bring a safer and more dependable crypto product to market
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What our clients say about us

With Alloy, we’ve been able to streamline business onboarding processes, making it easier for entrepreneurs to gain the credit they need to run their businesses and manage their expenses.

Eric Glyman, Co-Founder and CEO at Ramp

Security that doesn’t sacrifice speed

We know managing risk isn’t black and white – if anything, it’s a serious science that takes years to perfect. Which is why we are working to create what truly is the most robust, and resilient identity decisioning platform in the world. And like the headline says, it doesn’t slow you down one bit.

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