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Alloy is the only end-to-end identity risk solution

Alloy provides banks and fintechs with flexible identity verification software and configurable, automated solutions for credit decisioning, fraud risk management, and AML monitoring. Our extensive ecosystem of global data partners seamlessly integrates with your existing technology and allows you to test, launch, and scale new products while maintaining your customers’ confidence. And it all comes together in a single dashboard — no dev-work required.

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A better onboarding experience with less fraud risk

Alloy’s identity orchestration layer allows companies like yours to pull together over 190 data sources and policies and compile a thorough, centralized view of customer risk.

You can quickly automate and customize KYC, KYB, AML, and fraud checks to determine the risk level of each of your customers at onboarding, resulting in fewer manual reviews and less fraud.

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Ongoing monitoring for fraud and compliance checks

Alloy presents information captured during the onboarding process alongside ongoing account activity to compile an evolving view of your customers’ risks and needs. With this information, it is easier to flag and investigate potentially suspicious events, and then file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to meet your reporting obligations.

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Stay ahead of sophisticated fraud attacks

The threat of fraud tends to prevent banks and fintechs from delivering the digital-first experience that their customers demand. Often, it’s because they focus solely on additional fraud prevention measures that add unnecessary customer friction. Our codeless SDK lets you test, iterate, and easily implement step-up verifications to high-risk customers or transactions using your preferred vendors. As a result, you’ll have more fraud visibility and more flexibility to adapt to new threats, while providing a frictionless experience to your low-risk customers.

Alloy helps you shift that mindset towards identity verification throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Not only will you stop more fraud at origination, you’ll also be able to spot any new, unusual activity that points to sophisticated threats like synthetic identity fraud.

Learn why all fraud is identity fraud

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Embrace a culture of continuous compliance

Alloy’s out-of-the-box compliance rules are based on industry best practices, so you start off compliant on Day One and never waiver from that benchmark.

We provide an activity history for all actions your customers take, allowing you to easily meet KYB and KYC requirements, global AML regulations, local regulations, and sanctions screening obligations. You can also configure the rules to trigger reverification if a customer's current activity deviates significantly from their historical patterns. When you have the flexibility to re-verify existing customers based on their level of risk, it’s much easier to stay compliant.

Opt for a risk-based, perpetual KYC approach

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A faster, more progressive credit underwriting process

Credit approval centers around two main questions — can the borrower pay, and will they pay? When banks and fintechs use Alloy to tap into non-traditional data sources and implement more nuanced credit underwriting workflows, answering these questions becomes an increasingly unified process. Combining this data with Alloy’s ongoing monitoring data enables you to create dynamic risk profiles for each customer. As a result, your underwriters can engage in a progressive onboarding process and say yes to more good customers in different market segments.

How leading banks and fintechs are verifying thin-file applicants

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eBook: Alloy’s guide to approving more good customers

Tapping into new customer segments is crucial to your bank or fintech’s success. Because of ever-evolving fraud threats, it can also be risky and prohibitively costly. So, how can you stay competitive, compliant, and efficient as you pursue new markets? Three words — multiple data sources.

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Future-proof your processes

Alloy makes it possible for banks to deliver a great experience throughout the customer lifecycle while reducing fraud rates and staying in control of identity decisions. On average, Alloy clients see a 33% increase in approval rates and a 48% reduction in fraud.

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Balance risk with growth

Some of the world’s fastest-growing fintechs rely on Alloy to test, launch, and scale new products that capture the vast potential of the digital economy. Our configurable solutions enable fintech compliance straight away, while also avoiding vendor lock-in. Our dedicated expert guidance and extensive ecosystem of data partners help you cut back on manual reviews as you continue to scale.

How Alloy contributes to the future of fintechs

Credit unions
Credit Unions

Protect members from fraud risk

Alloy serves credit unions of all sizes — from local to multiregional — so they can continue to transform their members’ banking experience and financial well-being. Our in-branch and digital-based solutions help credit unions implement more automated workflows, respond faster to fraud attacks, and better identify complex fraud threats at origination.

Learn how Alloy supports credit unions in the fight against fraud

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Keep your data protected at all times — without sacrificing speed or adaptability

Alloy is a SOC2, Type 2-certified company that offers best-in-class protection to global banks and fintechs. We work hard to create the most robust and resilient identity risk solution in the world, so fraud and compliance challenges will never slow you down.

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We make it easier and safer for banks and fintechs to build great financial products.

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