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Risky Business: Alexis Alexander, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Liberis

Celebrating risk leaders in financial services

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Alexis (Lex) Alexander is the Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Liberis, a company that builds flexible embedded finance solutions that empower businesses. Lex joined Liberis over three years ago to set up the company’s global in-house legal function and then began working on their compliance function, too.

What makes the legal and compliance teams at Liberis special is that they are truly integrated business partners supporting the company’s growth while keeping it protected. Like so many risk leaders we have spoken with as a part of this series, Lex defies the stereotype that heads of risk are only focused on the potential downsides. Instead, she views her role as a key part of the company’s growth.

Learn more about Lex in our latest Risky Business interview below.

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