Alloy celebrates hiring our 100th employee

100 employees

Alloy hit an important milestone last month when we hired our 100th full-time employee. Founded in 2015, Alloy started as a scrappy 7-person startup. At the beginning of 2020, we were at 30 employees but saw a period of substantial growth during the pandemic when financial institutions were forced to quickly improve their digital onboarding experiences. Alloy was uniquely positioned to help banks and fintech companies manage the influx of online applications by automating and streamlining identity verification during the digital onboarding process. This growth was further accelerated when we secured $40M Series B funding in September 2020, allowing us to invest in our employees and build out our teams even more.

New additions to our leadership team

Our headcount growth included some key hires to our leadership team. Kiran Hebbar joined as CFO, bringing a wealth of experience scaling high-growth software companies. Joel Raha joined team Alloy as VP of Engineering to help fuel product and market expansion, Bethany Walsh joined as VP of Marketing to help scale revenue and brand growth, Charley Ma joined as GM of Fintech to expand Alloy’s fintech offerings and go-to-market strategy, and Natalie Seidman joined as VP of Enterprise Sales to lead business development into larger enterprise markets.

Party time

Over the past year, we onboarded more than 70 team members remotely. At the end of May, we hit another major milestone: being able to celebrate surpassing 100-employees in person, many of us meeting for the first time outside of Zoom. We gathered at Threes Brewing in Brooklyn for the special event. For remote employees or those that were not comfortable meeting in person just yet, we hosted a remote wine & paint night to celebrate.

Employees that have been around since the early days were particularly impressed by Alloy’s accomplishment. Grace Liu, Director of Product and employee #28, shared her disbelief, “It’s so crazy! What will 100 people in the office even look like?”

Co-founder and CEO, Tommy Nicholas, shared his gratitude, “I never thought 100 people would even care about Alloy, so it’s overwhelming to have 100 people helping us build something that ultimately positively impacts millions and millions of people.”

Take a look at some of the pictures from the event and get to know some of the many faces that make up Alloy.

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Image from i OS

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