Alloy named one of NYC’s best places to work

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Alloy earns spots on Built In’s lists of NYC’s 100 Best Places to Work and NYC’s 50 Best Paying Companies

What does Alloy have in common with NYC’s hottest tech brands? Companies like Squarespace, Peloton, Oscar Health, Etsy, Vimeo, Ro, Betterment, and Policygenius?

All of them just earned spots on Built In’s list of NYC’s 100 Best Places to Work.

Built In determines winners based on an algorithm, using company data about compensation, benefits and cultural programs. The annual awards include companies of all sizes.

What is Alloy?

Alloy is a five-year-old, fully funded, fintech start-up helping democratize banking and financial services. Alloy helps make it easy for the customers of innovative fintech companies and top-tier banks to open new bank and credit accounts (KYC, AML, and customer onboarding in bank-speak).

Alloy’s single API enables its customers to access over 50 third-party data sources in real-time to improve decision-making and streamline customer experiences, making it possible for more people than ever to easily gain access to the financial services they need.

What makes Alloy a great company to work for?

Alloy’s team lives and breathes a culture built on three tenets: Be Bold, Collaborate, and Care.

Be Bold

Boldness is evident in the Alloy team’s shared sense of mission and purpose. Alloy’s customers are banks and financial services companies. But the company’s mission is one that affects everyday people of all income levels and backgrounds.

As the pandemic has proven, digital access to banking and financial services is no longer just a luxury or convenience, but essential for individuals and businesses alike. By building products to remove barriers to banking, Alloy is helping create a future in which banking is accessible for all.

Monica Murthy
Senior Manager of Business Development - Partnerships

“Basic financial services should be safe and seamless for everyone to sign up for. With every client my team brings on, we’re making financial products more accessible.”


Day-to-day, Alloy’s culture emphasizes collaboration and hard work.

Teams work cross-functionally and iterate quickly on products and services with the customer’s needs at the center of decision making.

Leigh, a software engineer, puts it this way, “The best way I can describe [working at Alloy] is a silly, encouraging family who happens to love [fintech]. I am surrounded by supportive, brilliant co-workers, who are all very much themselves with an undisputed passion for the company.”

Leigh Blechman
Software Engineer

“The best way I can describe [working at Alloy] is a silly, encouraging family who happens to love [fintech]. I am surrounded by supportive, brilliant co-workers, who are all very much themselves with an undisputed passion for the company.”


Finally, Alloy cares. Leadership understands that, especially in the tech industry, a company’s greatest assets are talented people.

Hard work is well rewarded, as Alloy’s spot on Built In’s list of NYC’s 50 Best Paying Companies attests.

Leigh Blechman
Software Engineer

“The leadership team genuinely cares about the well-being of their employees.”

What’s next for Alloy?

In September 2020, Alloy raised $40 million in a Series B round of funding led by Canapi Ventures.

The 65+ employee team is growing fast. Plans for 2021 and beyond include adding new products and winning new customers while continuing to deliver excellence for existing ones.

As of January 2021, there are 20 open opportunities at Alloy across dev, product, project management, operations, finance, sales, and marketing.

Alloy has accomplished so much in its five short years, but to quote a refrain often heard among the current Alloy team, “we’re just getting started.”

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