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Alloy’s clients decide split of $150k donation between three charities

Holiday gift

At Alloy, it’s important to us that we do more than make great software. As part of our core values and benefits, we try to foster giving back. Throughout the year, we offer our employees a few different opportunities to amplify their donations for causes they care about through our donation match and employee referral programs. We found that our employees' passion for giving centered around supporting economic growth and equity in our communities. This past holiday season we wanted to amplify that theme on behalf of our clients as well.

In lieu of client gifts, we asked our clients to decide how Alloy should allocate funds between three charities supporting our passion for enabling economic growth and a more equitable society. The $150,000 donation was dispersed among the three charities based on that feedback and support from our clients. We want to thank everyone who participated and helped us donate to three incredible charities: Girls Inc., Equal Justice Initiative, and Spread the Vote.

We believe that equal opportunity is a human right, despite gender, race, sexual orientation, education or economic status. That’s why we chose three charities committed to advocating for all voices to be heard. Learn a bit more about each charity below.

Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. received the most donation votes from our client base, leading to a donation of $81,750. The organization serves girls ages 5-18 at over 1,500 sites in 350 cities across the United States and Canada. Girls Inc. supports, mentors and guides girls through evidence-based programming. Their goal is to help girls learn to value their whole selves, discover and develop their inherent strengths, and receive the support they need to navigate the challenges they face.

"Girls Inc. is grateful for Alloy's financial contribution. With Alloy's support, we are able to provide the mentoring relationships, safe spaces, and evidence-based programming that are proven to help girls succeed. Girls build the skills and knowledge to break past barriers and confidently step forward as leaders to effect change in their lives and communities." - Delita Marsland, Chief Development Officer, Girls Inc.

Equal Justice Initiative

The Equal Justice Initiative received the second-highest donation votes from Alloy clients, leading to a donation of $45,900. The organization is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, challenging racial and economic injustice, and protecting fundamental human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society. We’re very excited to support the critical work they do. Due to their internal policies, they were unable to provide us feedback, but check out their website to learn more about how our donation will be used.

Spread the Vote

Spread the Vote received the third-highest donation votes from Alloy clients, leading to a $22,350 donation. Spread the Vote helps communities empower themselves to be heard at the polls. The organization has helped thousands of people around the country get the IDs they need for jobs, housing, medical care, all facets of life, and to vote.

“These funds will directly support our efforts to get a state-issued ID into the hands of any individual who needs one. Unfortunately, along with voting, IDs are necessary for everything from applying for a job to opening a bank account. Many social safety net programs like food pantries and emergency shelters require an ID as well. Real-IDs can be challenging to obtain. The average cost for an ID and supplementary documents is around $40. The cost and the effort that it takes to gather the documents needed increases when someone must replace a lost out-of-state birth certificate, or was born at home. Many of the people that we serve are homeless, have fled domestic violence situations or are seniors. Spread The Vote/Project ID works one-on-one with each client each step of the way, from identifying a need to arranging appointments at the DMV. We cover 100% of the costs associated with getting an ID and help clients to register to vote if they would like to. Along with assisting clients with ID issues, we also organize rides to the polls and publish non-partisan voter guides that provide info on what they'll need to bring (including their ID), where to go and what to expect when they arrive.” - Jennifer Costa, Director of Volunteers

This year marks the second year in a row we were able to team up with clients to spread good fortune during the holiday season through our client holiday gift, and it is quickly becoming one of our favorite traditions! Thanks to everyone who participated in our charity selection and to all of our clients who helped make 2021 such a great year.

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