HMBradley automates decisions and scales customer approvals

HMBradley partnered with Alloy to scale customer onboarding practices, minimize risk and fraud at the account opening stage and improve the overall customer experience.

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Financial Services
Company Size
$400 million in assets
Los Angeles, CA

HMBradley is a digital banking platform on a mission to build the next generation of savers. Through the use of tools and incentives, HMBradley rewards everyone for developing sound financial habits that help customers save more of what they earn.

They partnered with Alloy to scale customer onboarding practices, minimize risk and fraud at the account opening stage, and improve the overall customer experience.

By leveraging Alloy’s Identity Decisioning Platform, HMBradley has been able to build better customer archetypes and predict transactional behavior, while giving customers and employees a better experience along the way.

Customer approval rate increased to more than 80%
Manual reviews reduced to less than 20%
Number of evaluations conducted grew by 2x

HMBradley wanted to build a more seamless online banking experience

HMBradley was looking for a platform to help them automate 65% of new customer approvals, while decreasing type 1 (a denied application that should have been approved) and type 2 (an approved application that should have been denied) errors across the onboarding process.

They were also looking to build better KYC practices that would allow them to know their customers well enough to make credit decisions on their behalf beyond the account opening process.

An Identity Decisioning Platform that supports HMBradley throughout the entire customer lifecycle

With Alloy, HMBradley automates onboarding decisions — reducing manual reviews to less than 20% — thanks to the easy integration of data sources. Once workflows are set up, Alloy continues to monitor account activity and transactions, flagging any risks for manual review. The user-friendly UI also means that HMBradley can adjust their workflow and rules without engineering resources, which provides the flexibility they were looking for when selecting a solution.

After reviewing other solutions, the HMBradley team felt like Alloy allowed them to achieve their mission while meeting KYC and AML guidelines.

Alloy was one of the easiest decisions we made in the process. Their institutional knowledge and expertise allowed us to get ramped up very quickly, something we would not have been able to do if we were to have built the solution in-house.

Zach Brunhke, CEO at HMBradley

Alloy enables HMBradley to automate risk and fraud decisions from the moment of account opening and beyond

With Alloy Onboarding, HMBradley can scale customer onboarding practices, while minimizing risks associated with account opening and providing a seamless experience for customers.

We use Transaction Monitoring to understand what channels are bringing us what type of customers. These patterns have been very valuable in helping us evolve our customer offerings.

Dmitry Gritskevich, Co-Founder at HMBradley

Through Alloy’s Transaction Monitoring review, HMBradley can evaluate customer scores on a monthly basis, get a better picture of the customers’ transactions and push underwritten offers based on the customer’s profiles.

The improved overall experience allows HMBradley to fulfill their mission of building the next generation of savers.

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