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Basis Theory

Developers use Basis Theory’s compliant environment and tokenization platform to collect, secure, and use sensitive data, like PII or credit card details, without diminishing its value to the organization.

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Customer testimonial

Basis Theory provided clear and efficient APIs that allowed us to implement our PII data management with speed and simplicity.

Ernel Murati, Software Engineer, Parafin


Tokenization Platform

Basis Theory Platform

Basis Theory’s PCI Level 1 and SOC2 Type 2 environment provides developers with everything they need to compliantly store and use sensitive data throughout its lifecycle.

  • Collect: Use modern UI components or an inbound proxy to capture sensitive data without exposing your applications to scope.
  • Process: Run custom code against your collected data in our secure and compliant environment.
  • Share: Share your data with any third-party endpoint directly from your Basis Theory environment.
  • Govern: Fine-tune permissions with granular access controls while managing your infrastructure as code.
Basis Theory web application for securing sensitive data
API-first platform with a slick web UI for fast administration.

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