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Orchestration is the key to collective risk intelligence

Datos Insights and Alloy outline the benefits of data orchestration for identity risk management in financial services.

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This white paper explores why financial institutions (FIs) need new and innovative approaches to connect compliance, fraud, and credit risk tools within a common infrastructure so they can integrate and harness an increasing volume of data more effectively, construct more complete identity profiles, and cultivate more meaningful and collective risk intelligence. A more integrated technology infrastructure underpinning identity risk management can enable firms to become more proactive and agile in adapting to an evolving threat landscape while delivering better experiences across the customer journey.

Key findings from this white paper include:

  • The challenges of effective identity risk management

  • Why executing an orchestrated identity risk management ecosystem is imperative

  • The benefits of integrating the right orchestration tool

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Alloy uses data orchestration to help banks and fintechs make better identity risk decisions.

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