Know your users and build safer crypto products

Alloy empowers crypto companies to solve KYC, fraud, compliance, and risk via a single API. We work with on- and off-chain data sources to help you understand the individuals and businesses who want to use your crypto products. Bring a safer and more dependable product to market with Alloy.

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Borderless KYC for crypto

Alloy makes identity easy.

Our platform facilitates KYC and KYB at onboarding, transaction monitoring, case management, AML and sanctions screening, underwriting, fraud detection, and more.

We’ve helped banks, fintechs, and crypto companies make better identity-based decisions to create a more dynamic and accessible financial industry. Build the best version of your product with the help of over 170 different data sources spanning more than 40 countries.

Onboarding data sources
Centralized exchanges

Automate KYC/AML at onboarding and provide a friction-free experience to qualified applicants. Stay compliant and avoid fraud with ongoing screening and real-time insights.

More (and more effective) data means you can onboard the users you want without the burden of manual checks or manual reviews. You can even underwrite users for additional products using ongoing data streams both on- and off-chain.

Alloy empowers you to empower your users—safely and seamlessly.

On- and off-ramps

Gain the confidence to allow fiat and crypto to flow effortlessly.

Make it convenient and easy for your users to move funds between crypto and financial institutions—without the fraud. Alloy offers a complete and detailed view into the identity of each user so you can know who is moving money where.


Offer the flexibility and freedom to get paid in crypto using the same compliance and fraud safeguards that power today’s most ambitious banks and fintech companies.

Verify individuals and businesses with ease and deliver a fully compliant experience from day one. Users can get paid in crypto, stablecoins, or local currency and enjoy the peace of mind of full KYC, KYB, AML and fraud checks.

Digital asset custody

Deliver what your clients want: a safe, secure, and compliant solution for custodying digital assets at the enterprise level.

Alloy helps you to leave no stone unturned when it comes to fraud and credit risk. Use our API to access the right data and make the right decisions for your platform and users—whether individuals or institutions.

Crypto banking

Leverage the platform that hundreds of regulated financial institutions use to make identity decisions every day—but now for crypto.

Alloy has helped banks, fintechs and crypto companies make better decisions based on customer insights. Our platform offers access to data sources that can unlock crypto banking or BaaS use cases through a single, easy-to-integrate API.


Improve your users’ ability to spend, manage, and monitor their credit with fraud and risk controls that they’ll never know are there.

An ideal user experience is possible with Alloy’s decisioning flows and ongoing monitoring. Keep a clear view of users as they use your product and make real-time decisions based on real-time data.

Partnerships built for crypto

Alloy helps you structure data sources and user flows to solve KYC, fraud, compliance, and more via a single API.

180+ data sources spanning traditional finance and crypto give you a fully transparent view of users and financial institutions.


On-chain data partners like Chainalysis give you transparency on wallets and associated activities

Check interface

Integrations with technology providers like Fiat Republic meet a variety of crypto use cases

Secure data

Our ecosystem includes tokenization platforms like Basis Theory to encrypt sensitive data and protect users


180+ other data sources at your disposal from fintech, banking, and beyond

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