The convergence of crypto and TradFi compliance & regulation

Join experts from Alloy, Chainalysis and Bates Group as they discuss regulatory compliance and best practices impacting companies building crypto-enabled products.

Recorded on April 19, 2023

As new regulatory frameworks and policies around crypto continue to surface around the globe, it’s crucial that crypto companies stay ahead of the curve. Given the current state of crypto, risk management and fraud prevention is top of mind for everyone involved. So how do you build crypto-enabled financial products without skimping out on compliance?

Join experts from Alloy, Chainalysis and Bates Group as they dive into topics like:

  • Designing efficient, scalable risk programs to self-regulate and stay ahead of regulatory requirements

  • Leveraging compliance as a cost optimization and strategic business advantage

  • Understanding how U.S. regulation should be interpreted today

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Managing Consultant, Bates Group

John Ashley is a Bates Managing Consultant who has over seven years of experience in financial regulatory compliance with startups WorldRemit Corp. and Etana Custody. He specializes in establishing and maintaining robust and productive working relationships with U.S. financial regulators both during license application, and license maintenance. John has experience in compliance program, policy, and procedure development; product compliance; regulatory analysis; and consumer protection programs. In addition, John has experience in the cryptocurrency space, including development of KYC and transaction monitoring programs and procedures specific to cryptocurrency risk. He also specializes in U.S. data privacy compliance and holds a CIPP/US certification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals.


Charley Ma
Head of Growth, Alloy

Charley is the Head of Growth at leading identity decisioning platform Alloy. Prior to joining Alloy, Charley was head of growth at Ramp, as well as head of fintech at Plaid. He began his career at JPMorgan Chase, working across several strategy groups covering payments, APIs, blockchain, and fintech.


Caitlin Barnett
Director of Regulation & Compliance, Chainalysis

Caitlin's legal and compliance experience encompasses both cryptocurrency and traditional finance. As Director of Regulation and Compliance at Chainalysis, she helps leading financial institutions strategize and build compliance programs in order to adopt cryptocurrencies and offer new products to their customers. In addition, Caitlin helps facilitate dialogue with regulators and the industry on key policy issues within the cryptocurrency industry. Previously, as Chief Compliance Officer at Bitstamp USA, she supervised their BSA/AML Program and maintained regulatory relationships with both federal and state regulators within the United States. Prior to Bitstamp, Caitlin was Deputy Chief Compliance Officer at Gemini Trust Company, LLC. She has also served as a Senior AML investigator and Assistant Vice President, Senior Counsel at JP Morgan Chase.