Transaction Monitoring

Don’t lose sight of your customers

Get a clear view of your customers’ financial activity with Alloy Transaction Monitoring. With instant decisioning on high-risk activity, Alloy helps you identify suspicious actors, fight fraud and stay compliant.

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Fraud doesn’t stop at onboarding

After a customer is approved, Transaction Monitoring takes over to continuously review their financial activity, flagging risky behaviors for review.

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Continuously monitor for fraudulent activities


Fewer false positives mean less work for your team


Stay BSA and AML compliant without extra burden

An average of 878,000 transactions processed daily

Your one-stop-shop for monitoring financial activity

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A holistic view of customer risk

Build a full identity profile of your customers’ needs and risks - not just a point-in-time snapshot. The information captured during onboarding, when viewed with ongoing transaction and account activity, creates an evolving customer profile.

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Flexible monitoring to fit your needs

Get visibility into customer transactions and activity with batch or real-time API monitoring. Flexible enough to accommodate different data processors and data models, Alloy can transform your most complex data into clean, automated processes.

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Case management made easy

Identify and act on customer activity right within Alloy. Review flagged activity, collaborate with other team members, and make approval or denial decisions from a simple user interface.

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Make your own rules

Create rules to flag high-risk events and transactions. Rules can be as simple or as complex as needed depending on your goals and risk tolerance, and they are configured and updated without any coding.

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What our clients say about us

We've relied on Alloy to automate our onboarding workflow for years - and adding transaction monitoring was the obvious next step. Now, not only can we quickly verify our users' identities during account opening, but we also get a full picture of their ongoing risks and needs. Seeing that full customer profile gives us the insight we need to prevent fraud, meet compliance requirements, and most importantly support our customers.

Jason Gross, Co-Founder and CEO at Petal

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Get set up quickly with off-the-shelf rules

Choose from tried-and-tested rules to detect fraud and financial crime or customize your own workflow from scratch.

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Test and optimize rules

Understand the impact of your rules and simulate scenarios before pushing to production.

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Ongoing compliance

Supercharge your compliance with ongoing sanctions screening, which automatically screens customers and their transacting counterparties, ensuring you always know who you're doing business with.


Investigate suspicious activity

Built-in case management allows you to quickly triage cases to the appropriate teams, freeze/unfreeze accounts in response to suspected fraud and complete regulatory filings — all from a single, intuitive interface.


Activity history for auditing and compliance

Alloy provides an audit history for all actions your customers take, allowing you to easily meet BSA and AML requirements.

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