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Identity verification demands are growing exponentially as more services transition from in-person transactions to online automation platforms. This requires a near-impossible combination of features that often falls outside areas of core expertise. Enter Vouched and its suite of identity verification products to solve the customer onboarding needs of your business.

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Our business is all about changing the healthcare experience so health systems can provide differentiated, direct-to-consumer healthcare products….Vouched is a key partner as we look to scale our platform and products across Mount Sinai and eventually across the US healthcare system.

David Kerwar, CPO, Mount Sinai Health System


Identity Document Verification

Identity Essential

With more services transitioning from traditional in-person transactions to online automation platforms, companies find themselves needing to verify the identities of employees, customers, and business partners. This requires a near-impossible combination of features that often falls outside their core expertise, leaving them disappointed with any current offerings.

Vouched leverages proprietary artificial intelligence to fully verify identity and onboard users in seconds, allowing leaders to confidently shift their businesses and open new doors to vital services.

Banking Authentication

Identity Advantage

For enterprises looking for deeper level data checks and higher security, Vouched offers Identity Advanced. Identity Advanced helps customers verify against multiple points of data and build a data profile that compliments the Visual ID check itself, making it easier to detect and uncover fraud.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Identity Premier

With Identity Premier, Vouched offers the most secure way to stay ahead of fraud and identity theft. In addition to visual identification and data verification, Identity Premier helps customers make better and more informed identity decisions by validating customer identification in the state DMV registry in real-time.

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