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Onfido makes identity verification simple. Their end-to-end Real Identity Platform enables over 900 businesses to navigate global KYC requirements, stop fraud, and onboard more customers.

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“Onfido has really aligned with our priorities, working with us to achieve our desired delivery by rapidly responding and iterating on their offering. Direct contact between our engineering teams has fostered a mutually beneficial partnership—identifying problems early, collaborating on solutions and improving the overall integration.”

Lewis Tuff, Lead Platform Engineer, Revolut


Identity Document Verification

Document Verification

Create confidence in a customer’s identity by verifying a photo ID. Onfido’s document verification supports over 2,500 document types in 195 countries, and is powered by Atlas™ AI to deliver fair, fast, and accurate results.

A user simply scans an ID on mobile or web. Onfido guides them, detecting glare and blur, and automatically selecting the best image. It’s then analyzed using security features including NFC (if available) to verify its authenticity. Onfido can also run real-time comparison to historic onboarded documents to detect repeat ID documents and help catch synthetic identity fraud.

Onfido's Document Verification
Onfido's Document Verification
Identity Document Verification

Biometric Verification

Ensure identity documents are being presented by their rightful owners. Onfido’s biometric verification matches a photo ID to a user’s facial biometrics. After capturing their ID, a user takes a photo or video of their face — Atlas AI then matches the face to the photo ID and runs liveness checks to identify photos of screens, 2D and 3D masks, and image upload manipulation.

Onfido can also frictionlessly check if the same face has already been used to create an account. Known Faces checks for repeat faces within the past year — identifying bad actors and good users trying to open multiple accounts.

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Onfido's Biometric Verification
Document Verification

Proof of Address

Verify an applicant’s address to meet KYC onboarding requirements. Onfido’s proof of address automatically verifies submitted documents, to ensure their integrity, and validate that the address matches the applicant’s details.

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Onfido's Proof of Address Verification

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