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MANTL is an enterprise SaaS company helping traditional financial institutions modernize and grow. MANTL is taking on the legacy infrastructure that hinders access to digital banking and is transforming the cost structures of banks and credit unions in the process– empowering growth that’s up to 78% faster and 4x more efficient.

Customer testimonial

"MANTL has been a great partner for us. We had this huge void because we weren’t opening accounts online. And with MANTL, we’ve been able to create such a simple and clean experience, and our customers have really responded positively to it."

Mary McBride, VP Digital Experience, Bank of Utah


Online Account Opening

MANTL Consumer Online Account Opening

MANTL’s omni-channel platform enables people to open accounts from anywhere, on any device and at any time. The solution is among the fastest and most performant on the market: the average time to open an account through MANTL’s white-labeled platform is 2 minutes 37 seconds. The system automates application decisioning for over 90% of cases, all while reducing fraud by over 60%. This results in deposit growth that’s typically 4x faster than other account opening solutions and up to 10x more cost-effective than building a new branch.

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