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Inscribe is an AI-powered Risk Intelligence platform that works alongside fraud, risk, and compliance teams to help them identify whether customers are trustworthy or fraudulent and creditworthy or risky — in seconds. With 99% precision, Inscribe customers can catch more fraud and credit abuse while significantly improving employee efficiency. Founded in 2017, Inscribe is trusted by leading fintechs and financial institutions like Navan, Plaid, Bluevine, and Ramp.

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Inscribe has become a key component in our fraud ecosystem. The tool is highly effective at identifying fraudulent documents and it gives us a high level of confidence that fraud isn’t going to happen. The cost-benefit is clear.

Alex De Jesus, Head of Fraud, Ramp



Fraud Intelligence

90% of document tampering goes undetected by manual review teams because most document fraud signals are invisible to the human eye. Inscribe’s Fraud Intelligence detects document fraud with AI and gives you a clear view of critical fraud signals, so you have the data you need to understand whether you should do business with an applicant.

  • Decrease losses with AI-powered document fraud detection.
  • Make confident decisions with clear proof of fraud and document tampering.
  • Boost efficiency with automated document review tasks, like document classification and name/address verification.
Inscribe Fraud Intelligence
Alternative Credit Data

Credit Intelligence

One bad lending decision can cost your company $100K+ depending on the loan value or credit limit. Inscribe’s Credit Intelligence can help you lend responsibly using cashflow-based financial health insights that make it easy to understand how much business you should do with a borrower.

  • Make smart and fast decisions with cashflow insights from documents and connections with open banking data, like Plaid and MX.
  • Spot potential risk patterns with transaction categorization for salary, revenue, self-transfers, loan repayments, and more.
  • Serve more customers using alternative credit data that’s always up-to-date.
Inscribe Credit Intelligence

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