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IDology is transforming identity verification and fraud deterrence for businesses worldwide with innovative, multi-layered solutions and the data control, precision and transparency needed to build trust in a digital world. Through a combination of dedicated fraud experts and artificial intelligence, IDology leverages thousands of physical and digital data.

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I enjoy the flexibility and collaborative relationship with IDology when it comes to product development.

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The ExpectID platform uses a multi-layered process to validate an identity, enabling you to make quicker, smarter decisions. The results go far beyond basic data matching by providing predictive, intelligent identity information and analytics. With this data, you can make quicker and smarter decisions on what to do next: approve, deny, or escalate the validation request.

  • Smart, multi-layered solution deep data sources and high locate rates (even for thin-file consumers)
  • On-demand customization
  • Easy implementation
  • US and Global Deployment

ExpectID IQ is a dynamic knowledge-based authentication solution that asks consumers a series of relevant, multiple-choice, “out-of-wallet” questions. IDology’s ExpectID IQ is a flexible and robust knowledge-based authentication solution, providing dynamically generated questions to even thin file customers. This solution can be used as a primary means of identity verification or as a step-up authentication for certain high risk situations, based on your specific business requirements.

Phone Data

ExpectID® Mobile Attributes

ExpectID Mobile Attributes is a solution that has the ability to report on several different conditions and change events surrounding a mobile number, including SIM swaps, number ports, and network changes. By leveraging the same technology as mobile carriers, ExpectID Mobile Attributes also enables analysis of device attributes in real-time, such as account tenure and account status, which can be used to further power your onboarding security by detecting potential risk associated with the consumer’s mobile number.


ExpectID® GeoTrace

ExpectID GeoTrace can provide clients with the ability to know if a customer is where they say they are. It works by correlating IP address information with the identity-related address information found on a customer during a verification. This product monitors several conditions of an IP address beyond location details, including detecting proxy types, originating country, and relation to suspicious behavior. By utilizing ExpectID GeoTrace, customers can leverage additional data attributes to help confirm location while also providing intelligence into any potential risks inherent to the IP.

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