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Combining data and analytics with industry-leading technology, Experian helps organizations manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision-making. While supporting clients in various markets, our unique offering of consumer and commercial data helps businesses grow and thrive while maintaining adequate security and minimizing friction.

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We compared Experian's data with the competition - and the quality was unmatched. We wanted to integrate unique capabilities, such as advanced modeling and DaaS, into our decisioning ecosystem. Experian partnered with us to stand up their best-in-class solutions.

Scott Bourdreau, Chief Credit and Analytics Officer, Fair Square Financial


Traditional Credit Data

Credit Profile Reports

Our product offering starts with consumer and commercial credit profiles and includes a host of customizable solutions to allow clients to attract and retain business while minimizing risk and preventing fraud.

Credit Profiles: Make accurate decisions and manage credit risk with consumer and commercial reports.

Built on the knowledge we have on more than 220 million credit-active consumers nationwide, the profile will enable you to make the best and most informed business decisions.

Business Identity Data

Business Information Services

Our business database provides comprehensive, third-party-verified information on 99.9% of all U.S. companies, with the industry’s most extensive data on the broad spectrum of small and midsize businesses.

BizID helps verify business and business owner application information for accuracy and truthfulness. We draw from multiple databases to ensure accuracy, including Experian’s commercial risk information database, as well as databases with information on 22 million businesses and 220 million consumers. BizID provides you with a fraud risk score and decision to help you focus on accounts needing additional review.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication - One Time Password

Experian’s Multifactor Authentication, or one-time-password (OTP) solution is a two-factor authentication service that you can add to your current authentication process without causing customer friction. With this additional layer of identity verification, you can increase your pass rates, implement phone intelligence checks to ensure you are reaching the right consumer for authentication, and add security to risky or high value transactions.

Digital Risk Score provides a powerful, affordable way to strengthen and enhance fraud detection for account openings from digital channels, without impacting the customer experience.

We leverage Experian’s extensive global fraud analytics and modeling expertise, along with industry-leading device and fraud prevention capabilities, which can be implemented quickly to deliver an easily understood decision.

Alt Credit Data

Clarity Alternative Data

Alternative Credit Data: Gain a complete view of financial behavior for thick- and thin-file consumers with alternative financial services data to identify universe expansion opportunities while managing risk.

Experian’s alternative data set with Clarity provides industry-leading coverage, is essential and supplemental to traditional credit data. Identify high-risk behavior not previously visible and build growth strategies to target previously declined consumers.

Automated Decisioning

Experian PowerCurve

PowerCurve® Originations overcomes obstacles with a flexible platform solution that builds on our deep expertise in customer acquisition so you can create, manage, and improve strategies in a fraction of the time and cost it takes with other systems.

By automating data connectivity across credit bureaus and client sources, PowerCurve Originations allows your business to harness the value of expanding data assets for a complete view of prospects.

Powerful decisioning and business process management capabilities enhance the originations process while minimizing costly customizations.

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