Alloy can help you move at the speed of fraud

Alloy is the end-to-end identity risk management platform to help outpace fraud and safely serve more people around the world.

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Your one-stop-shop for monitoring financial activity and tackling fraud

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Alloy’s decision engine powers instant business verification (KYB), in parallel with KYC, AML and fraud checks on Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and stakeholders

Multiple systems

Run up to four different workflows with a percentage of customers to ensure you’re finding the right balance of high approval rates and fraud prevention


Get started with easy configuration and pre-built integrations with credit bureau data and over 120+ data sources for fraud and KYC

A 360-view of your customers

Alloy’s API easily connects to external data sources and your own internal data to build a full customer profile. The information captured during onboarding when viewed with ongoing transaction and account activity, provides an evolving view of your customers’ risks and needs. You can use these insights to stop fraud, protecting you and your customers.

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See how Alloy helps our clients fight fraud

By integrating with a single Alloy API, Novo was able to access all the data sources needed from public records to email and phone fraud information, without having to contract with each individual vendor and spend hundreds of developer hours on technical integrations. Then by combining multiple data sources into a single rules engine, customers can apply for a Novo account in as few as 5 minutes, right from their phones.

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