2022 Fintech Trends and Predictions

Recorded on January 11th 2022

While the push to digital banking may have accelerated at the beginning of 2020, it hasn't slowed down almost two years later. Now more than ever, our reliance on digital and self-service banking opportunities has driven banks to consider adopting new technologies. To aid how you think about incorporating fintech solutions into your organization’s tech stack, we’ve brought together a panel of fintech experts to share their views on emerging trends and technologies.

Join Alloy’s GM of Fintech, Charley Ma, as he discusses fintech trends with industry leaders from Narmi, Unit, and Lithic. In this webinar, our panelists:

  • Break down trends in account opening, embedded fintech, and next generation infrastructure.
  • Provide their feedback on the best ways for banks to leverage fintech technology to stay competitive.
  • Answer your questions about fintech trends and predictions.

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