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Embedded finance: Navigating risks and seizing opportunities

FINTRAIL and Alloy outline the global embedded finance landscape and share tips for mitigating risk and overcoming common challenges that come along with offering embedded finance products.

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Embedded finance is shaking up the financial landscape and drastically changing how people interact with financial services. The sector is growing fast and creating massive economic opportunities for banks and fintechs. At the same time, the model also poses a unique set of challenges in relation to risk and compliance.

This white paper explores the ins and outs of the embedded finance industry, from key terms to popular use cases, and common challenges.

Key takeaways from this white paper include:

  • Defining key terms and use cases for embedded finance

  • Understanding the risks and challenges associated with embedded finance

  • Outlining tangible approaches to mitigating risk

FINTRAIL is a global financial crime consultancy that has worked with over 100 leading global banks, fintechs, other regulated financial institutions, regtechs, venture capital firms and governments to implement industry-leading approaches to combatting money laundering and other financial crimes.

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