Track changes to Journeys with Journey version management

Clients using Journeys can now track any changes made to the Journey and view which version is active with Journey version management.

Versions are listed in a table in chronological order, in the order a Journey version was live in production. Draft versions are visible at the top of table. Users can see the dates the Journey was active, any notes, its current status and who created the Journey.

Journey Version Management

Changes to the Journey status, including the ability to edit a draft, can be made by clicking the ellipsis menu on the right side of the table for the corresponding version. The active Journey can be edited by clicking on the corresponding ellipsis menu and selecting ‘Use as Draft.’ Versions can also be archived using the ellipsis menu.

Journey Version Management Ellipsis Menu

By clicking the corresponding arrow on the left side of the table, users can expand a version’s details to see the creation date, changes from the parent version (if applicable), the Journey token, and the workflows, document verification, action nodes and Journey outcomes configured within the Journey version.

Journey Version Management Expanded Details

To learn more about Journeys and Journey version management, view our documentation. If you’d like to try Journeys, reach out to your CSM or [email protected] to learn more.