Self Serve Journeys Batch Testing

Clients using Journeys can now upload and test batch files directly within the Alloy dashboard. The file will be checked for any formatting or validation errors prior to running the test, and once complete, you’ll be able to view the results in the dashboard. This functionality is applicable for KYC and KYB use cases, including applications with multiple entities.

To get started, go to the Journeys page and click the vertical ellipses on the right of your chosen draft Journey, and select ‘Run Test’ which will open the Testing Suite.

Once you’ve selected the environment you want to run your test in (Sandbox or Production), you’ll be prompted to upload your data.

You can either upload a file from your computer (or download our template) or manually input your data into the table. Our validation tool will test if the batch file you have prepared for upload is in the correct format and surface any errors for you to resolve before running the test.

Once your data has been successfully uploaded, click ‘Run Test’. You’ll receive a confirmation within the dashboard once all applications have been created and you’ll be able to click ‘View Results’ to view all the applications that were a part of the batch file.

Once you click ‘View Results’, you’ll be directed to the Application Queue page and the search will automatically filter for the batch token that was applied to your batch test. The applications within the view will only include the applications that were a part of the batch file you uploaded. You can then click the ‘Export CSV’ button on the top right to download a report of these applications and their details.

Please note that clients can also run batches via API by using this endpoint. Please see our API Reference for more details.