Saved Searches for Application Queue

Clients using Journeys can now set and save filters as a Saved Search within the Application Queue to create more simplified and efficient custom review queues for different role types.

A Saved Search can be assigned to a specific role within the Settings page. Once assigned, users with this role type will automatically see applications with the pre-set filters from the Saved Search. For example, if a Saved Search is created with filters for applications that require a fraud review and then assigned to the fraud team, this team will only see applications that require a fraud review without needing to manually filter for them each time.

To get started, navigate to the Application Queue and set the filters you want. Next, click the ‘Save Search’ button on the top right.

You will then be prompted to enter details about the Saved Search such as name, description, and whether the search is to be viewable by all employees. Click Save once you’ve completed the required fields.

To view all the Saved Searches in a particular account, navigate to Settings > Searches.

To assign a Saved Search to a role, navigate to Settings > Roles and click on the role. Next, click on the Default Searches tab and you’ll see a dropdown for the Application Queue. If you click on the Application Queue drop-down, you’ll see a list of all the saved searches and you can select the one you’d like to assign to that role type.