PII management feature makes it easier to view all relevant PII and see alerts when multiple PII entries exist

Previous to this update, only the most recent PII entry was being shown in the header section of the Entity page. PII management improved so you can see all PII entries clearly.

Entity page with example PII

In some cases an Entity should only have one PII entry (e.g., social security number, date of birth). In these cases the most recent PII entry is displayed but it is shown with an "!" icon to indicate there are additional entries. You can click the "!" icon and a window will appear showing all the entries for you to review.

Date of birth show all

In cases where multiple PII entries is logical (e.g., addresses, phone numbers), you will see the most recent entry displayed in the header. You can click "View All Addresses" or "View All Phones" to see a list of all previous entries.

All adresses view