Manually add new cases

Transaction Monitoring clients can now manually create new cases in Case Management to track cases that are identified outside of the Alloy system (such as an email or phone call) to better consolidate all information and documentation relating to a suspicious activity investigation. Previously, cases were automatically generated based off of the workflow outcomes.

To create a case:

  • Click ‘Create Case’ on the Case Management home page

  • You will be prompted to enter an entity identifier (known as the entity token in the Alloy system or an external ID that is passed from your system to Alloy), associate a manual alert type, and enter any notes you may have on the case.

    • Please note that cases can only be created for known entities (i.e. it must be an existing entity in the Alloy system).

    • You can only have one open case per case type for a given entity.

  • Click ‘Create Case’ and you will be redirected to the new case page.

  • The new alerts will appear in the ‘Alerts Triggered’ section with “(manual)” identifier.

Note: Agents must be appropriately entitled (i.e. have case editing permissions) in order to create cases manually.