Manually add alerts to cases

Transaction Monitoring clients can now manually add alerts to existing cases in Case Management to accommodate circumstances that may trigger an alert outside the Alloy system (such as an email or phone call). Previously, alerts were automatically triggered based off of workflow outcomes. Now, clients can consolidate the tracking and management of all types of alerts in a single place – irrespective of the originating source of the risk.

In order to start using this feature, the agent must have case editing permission and must be assigned the case they wish to add an alert to. On the Case details page, users will now be able to select “Add an Alert Manually” from the ‘Take Action’ menu on the top right. The user will then be prompted to select the alert they would like to associate to the case and add any notes they might have.

Once completed, the new alerts will appear in the ‘Alerts Triggered’ section with “(manual)” identifier.