Journeys Reporting and Analytics

Clients using Journeys can now utilize the new Reporting and Analytics page directly within the Alloy dashboard to better measure and optimize their policy performance over time.

If you are already using Journeys, you’ll see that your homepage is now the Reporting and Analytics page. You will be able to view the following charts to derive insights:

  • Auto-decisioned Application Status: view the number of applications which are auto-approved, denied or sent to manual review in both an aggregate and over time view

  • Final Application Status: view a breakdown of final status for completed applications

  • Open Application Status: view a breakdown in the status of open applications

  • Reviewed Application Status: view the final status of applications that required a review within a Journey

  • Data Sources: view a breakdown in data source usage used within a Journey

To obtain a more granular look at the data, you will also be able to filter for specific Journeys (‘Journey name’), Versions, Date ranges (‘Created at time frame’, ‘Updated at time frame’), Archived status, Environment, Assignee, Tags, Reason codes, Outcome reasons, Data Sources, and Fraud Scores. Applying the filter criteria at the top will automatically refresh the graphs and display data that meets your applied criteria. After applying the filter criteria, you can click ‘View Application’ on the top right to view applications that meet the applied criteria within the Application Queue. These results can also be exported by clicking the ‘Export CSV’ button on the top right.

Please note, agents have been automatically permissioned to view the Analytics dashboard. To restrict access, navigate to Settings and uncheck ‘Agents can view the analytics dashboard’ permission for all role types.