Journey viewing permissions

Clients using Journeys can now assign permissions to determine which Roles can view select Journeys, enabling clients to maintain separate access for their agents based on their organizational structure and business needs.

To get started, navigate to Settings > Roles. To enable access to all Journeys for a given Role, from the Roles section, check the top-level option ‘Journeys’. This means this role will have access to all non-archived Journeys (including draft versions) in the account, in addition to all Applications, Workflows, Evaluations, Reviews, and Entities associated with those Journeys. To restrict access to specific Journeys, choose the Journeys in the drop down – this will allow the user to have access to all Applications, Workflows, Evaluations, Entities, and Reviews that are associated with the Journey(s) selected there. To restrict access to Journeys altogether, deselect the top-level ‘Journeys’ option.

Note: these permissions will not override access for users who have access to ‘All workflows’ in Settings > Workflows.