Applications can now be assigned to agents

Agents can now assign applications to themselves and other agents from the Application Queue. This will prevent duplication of work between multiple agents and provide an audit trail of reviewer history. All clients using Journeys and the Application Queue will now see the new ‘Assign’ drop-down option on the right side of the application view.

  1. The ‘Review’ button will remain disabled until an agent has been assigned.
  2. Once users click on the ‘Assign’ button, a list of all applicable agents will be displayed for the user to select from.
  3. Based on the permissions that are configured, admins will be able to assign applications to themselves and other agents. Agents will only be able to assign to themselves. Please note that for existing clients, these permissions will have to be manually configured for the different roles. For clients who start using Alloy after today, these permissions will be set up for them by default.
  4. Once an agent has been assigned, their name will appear in the button and replace the ‘Assign’ text. The ‘Review’ button will be enabled once an agent is assigned. Agents can un-assign themselves from an application by clicking the 'x' to the right of their name.

Note: In the small edge case where more than one user is assigned to an application at the same time, we will assign it to the first agent and display an error message to the rest.