Application escalation

Agents using Journeys can now escalate applications to other agents within a specific role type, allowing for more efficient review of applications and streamlined collaboration among teams.

Once the application is escalated, it automatically will be assigned to an agent within that role that has the most bandwidth. Agents who receive the escalated application will be notified in the dashboard and will also see an escalated badge next to the application within the Application Queue.

To get started, navigate to the Application Queue and select an application. In the Application view click the vertical ellipses menu on the top right corner and the click on ‘Escalate Application’.

You will then be prompted to enter the following details: the role type you’d like to escalate to, the reason why you’d like to escalate, and any notes you’d like to leave for the agent that is receiving the escalated application. Click ‘Submit’ once you’ve completed the required fields and you’ll receive a confirmation message that says the “Application escalated successfully”.

Agents can check if they’ve been assigned an application in the Application Queue in the column ‘Assignee’ followed by an orange escalation badge. The escalation badge will disappear once the agent takes an action on the application.