Identity risk solution: build vs. buy decision

Understanding the right approach for your fintech company

If your technology is designed to solve only the problems you’re facing right now, it’s probably not good enough. What were best practices in fintech a few years ago—or even a few months ago—are no longer sufficient. This problem is especially pressing when it comes to fraud and risk management. The fraud mitigation solution you’re relying on today might not be able to help you tomorrow, given the rapidly changing fraud landscape.

While some fintech companies build their own risk management solution, many choose to buy an identity decisioning platform (IDP). A well-designed platform offers a holistic view of your data and enables an automated decisioning process. Built for speed and scale, it can support your business growth and become part of a forward-looking strategy. This guide will help you decide whether building your own solution or buying an IDP is right for your business.

In this eBook we’ll explore:

  • The components that make up a robust identity and risk management solution

  • The business cases where it makes more sense to build your own solution in-house

  • The business cases where it makes more sense to outsource an Identity Decisioning Platform (IDP)

  • Common questions (and answers) fintech companies face when they are making the decision to build vs. buy

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