Build the ideal digital credit application experience for your customers

Blend and Alloy share best practices for optimizing and modernizing your user experience

Consumer expectations of what that digital experience should look like have evolved significantly. Consumers want the application and account opening process to be faster, more personalized, and more intuitive than ever.

In this guide, Alloy and Blend share recommendations that FIs and fintechs can use to elevate their onboarding and credit decisioning processes, combining effective risk management with the improved experience your customers want. We’ll cover the digital application experience and how to enhance your tech stack behind the scenes to power it. Learn how to set initial expectations, personalize the user experience, and level up your offering to better compete in a crowded environment.

In this eBook we’ll explore:

  • The basics of standing up a credit product

  • How to create a personalized experience and set expectations up front

  • Building the ideal tech stack for a credit product

  • How to optimize the application process for a seamless experience for your customers

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