Anti-money laundering (AML)

Protect your company with Alloy's anti-money laundering platform

Alloy's AML software helps top banks and fintech companies make better identity decisions.

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Meet your AML compliance needs with Alloy

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Customize decision workflows for fraud, anti-money laundering and other identity and risk scenarios
Bring multiple data sources together through one simple API platform to meet AML requirements
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Continuously review AML red flags such as unexplained, repetitive, or unusual patterns of fund transfer activity
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Build a holistic view of customer needs and risks- not just a point-in-time snapshot

Don’t lose sight of your customers

Get a clear view of your customers’ financial activity with Alloy Transaction Monitoring. With instant decisioning on high-risk activity, Alloy helps you identify suspicious actors, fight fraud and stay compliant.

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See how Alloy helps our clients with their AML process

When Ramp launched in 2019, they prioritized KYB and KYC checks to avoid costly mistakes and comply with their partner bank's requirements. They enlisted Alloy to manage their customer onboarding process, ensuring they are AML compliant, while minimizing risk and fraud.

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