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Alloy expands credit underwriting offering to help banks and fintechs make more efficient, inclusive credit decisions

Oct 18, 2023, 09:00 ET

NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2023 -- Alloy, the identity risk management company, is expanding its credit underwriting capabilities to support banks, fintechs, and other builders of financial products in managing their holistic credit risk. In a challenging macro-environment, Alloy enables lenders to make smarter credit decisions, capture default risk, and increase revenue by identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Alloy also automates credit line management and product remarketing, helping lenders maintain appropriate credit limits and proactively extend new product offers to customers.

Lenders rely on Alloy’s established credit underwriting capabilities to offer credit products to more people with less risk. Alloy allows lenders to automate their credit decisions using identity data gathered during onboarding, credit bureau data, and alternative underwriting data. Lenders can make credit decisions using custom models, building anything from basic workflows to complex matrix models right within Alloy.

Alloy’s updated credit offering builds upon these existing capabilities to offer a comprehensive and proactive approach to credit management beyond origination, enabling banks and fintechs to monitor for credit risk throughout the customer lifecycle. New features include:

“Historically, lenders have had to rely on point-in-time, siloed information about their borrowers,” said Parilee Wang, Chief Product Officer at Alloy. “With Alloy, lenders have a holistic solution for building a more complete picture of a borrower's ongoing creditworthiness and potential risks.”

Alloy’s product investment in the credit space comes as U.S. consumer credit card debt has topped $1 trillion for the first time in history. As many borrowers face increased financial strain impacting their ability to repay debts, lenders may be forced to make difficult decisions about the creditworthiness of their applicants. At the same time, as revolving credit usage grows and consumers demand personalized, seamless experiences from their financial institutions, lenders are challenged with remaining top of wallet and staying ahead of competitors.

“We were so excited to find a credit underwriting solution that lets us proactively manage our credit risk and allows us to rely on automated decisioning,” said Bobby Parker, Head of Credit at PEX Card. “The configurable platform allows us to be nimble, and we can make critical underwriting changes quickly with the appropriate controls in place. Furthermore, with the A/B test feature, and pre-built integrations with salient data providers, we can ensure our decisions are driven by data and information gain. Leaning on this solution will give us the ability to prudently grow our portfolio while driving strong risk adjusted returns.”

Alloy offers the broadest coverage of third-party data in the industry with more than 190 data sources, including credit bureaus and alternative credit data providers. Some of Alloy’s partners in the credit space include:

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