Assign agent and manager-level permissions in Case Management

Transaction Monitoring clients will now be able to designate two tiers of case management permissions: Agents, which have the first tier of case permissions, and Managers, which have the same first tier permission along with additional permissions with more flexibility.

Both Agents and Managers will be able to view cases of any case type.

Agents will only be able to update cases if they are assigned to it. If a case does not have anyone assigned yet, then an Agent can assign themselves to the case. However, an Agent cannot unassign another Agent from a case, assign themselves to a case if it is already assigned to another Agent or assign another Agent to a case.

Managers will be able to update the status, assign or unassign, and make changes to all case types.

Users can view their permissions in the Settings menu of the Alloy dashboard, under “Agents”:

Please note: only admins can make changes to add/remove permissions. To set this permission, go to Settings > Roles > Permissions.

All case assignment events, as well as case status changes, will be auditable within Alloy.