10 Things All Nick Jonas Fans Are Sick of Hearing

Nick Jonas No

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Everyone agrees that Nick Jonas is the best thing since sliced bread. Or, we should say, that everyone SHOULD agree on that. We can’t figure out any reason why not, but actually not everyone does.

While we’re not out to convert everyone to the religion that is being obsessed with the youngest Jonas Brother, we think that it’s important to stand up for those of us who follow it closely. That’s to say, we’re tired of all of the non-believers always saying these ten annoying things to us. So, it (hopefully) ends today.

1. “He abandoned his brothers.” You don’t think that you’re being a tad dramatic?

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2. “I hate his new music.” Why do you turn your back on everything that’s good for you?

3. “He’s always naked.” Well, duh. Have you seen him without a shirt?

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4. “He tries too hard.” He actually #wokeuplikethis and we should all be so lucky.

5. “He’s boring.” He’s just chill. There’s a difference.

6. “He’s not even cute.” LOL, do you need glasses?

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7. “He should’ve kept his hair long.” Please, he looks bangin’ no matter how he rocks his locks.

8. “He can’t act.” Well, maybe you haven’t seen his recent acting work, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

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9. “He’s too into himself.” He isn’t, but also wouldn’t you be if you looked like him?

10. “I like [INSERT ONE OF HIS BROTHERS] the best.” Alrighty then…

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