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Can’t Afford A Spring Break Trip? Just Get A Job At Zenefits And Party Girls Gone Wild-Style With Your Coworkers

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Can t Afford A Spring Break Trip  Just Get A Job At Zenefits And Party Girls Gone Wild Style With Your Coworkers sex in stairwell 640x360 jpg

Most Human Resources departments have standard rules for the company. Like, don’t show up to work drunk. Or, don’t wear crotchless chaps on casual Friday. And, generally, sleeping with your co-workers is frowned upon.

But one Silicon Valley startup is proving that maybe the rules don’t apply to the ones who make them. According to Buzzfeed’s William Alden, who investigated human resources startup Zenefits, the company had to start banning some activities that would be considered ridiculous by any employee at any normal company.

Girls Gone Wild-types of activity, like heavy in-office drinking, wrestling matches on the floor of steakhouses, and sex in the stairwells are just a few things that Zenefit employees have been asked to, um, please refrain from, in the upcoming weeks ahead.

CEO David Sacks wrote to his employees in a memo obtained by BuzzFeed, “Our culture and tone have been inappropriate for a highly regulated company.”

So Sacks is banning drinking in the office, and having sex in the stairwell — which was definitely happening, because used condoms were found at the scene of the crime.

Working at Zenefits sounds like the most fun Spring Break trip to Cancun I’ll never take. Which is why their out-of-control employees make them an HR firm I would never, ever hire to run my company.

I hope they have a good HR team, LOL.