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Looking For Relief From Severe Headache Pain? FDA Approves New Migraine Patch

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Having a severe headache is a horrible feeling: you can’t bandage it up or put pressure on the wound or inject some novocaine to help yourself sleep. Migraines can affect your work, social life, mental health and several other aspects of your life. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can treat them, both naturally and otherwise, as well as continued research on how to better do so. One such treatment, a migraine patch designed to adhere to skin and help improve headaches, has just been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The Zecuity Patch is used to treat adults who suffer from migraines with or without aura. It’s a single use, battery-powered patch that helps relieve migraines as well as the nausea commonly associated with them. It’s been shown to be safe in trials of more than 800 migraine sufferers using over 10,000 patches.

The migraine patch is seen as an appealing alternative because 8 million of the 16 million migraine sufferers in America experience nausea with their headaches, and often do not want to take oral medications which is the form that most migraine treatments come in. The patch adheres to the upper arm or upper thigh — not unlike the birth control patch — and can be activated by pushing a button which then allows the patch to dispense 6.5 milligrams of Sumatriptan, lasting up to 4 hours.

So, would you prefer to take your migraine meds via mouth or arm/thigh? Thanks to medicine, you now will have the opportunity to choose!

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