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Yummy: A Kitchen Networking Gadget

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Here's another product concept that might join the coo.boo and fl*hood one day soon.

Yummy 1

This is Yummy, a device for networking right from your kitchen:

Yummy is a kitchen community device. It connects the kitchen to the cooking network and food blogosphere. It recommends you a good lunch, according to your food supply, current diet and receipes from the web. Yummy is specially designed for the kitchen. No waste of space : it fits on the wall. It is designed to enhance standing interactions (fast and simple operations) in the kitchen.

Blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and Skype may all be accessed through Yummy. Food bloggers will specially love the attached camera.

Yummy 2

Source: StartSomethingPC.com via Techie Diva

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